DBD to step up measures on registration of lottery vendors


BANGKOK, 19 Feb 2015, The Department of Business Development has strengthened its measures on the registration of lottery vendors after Phitsanulok people reported cases where citizen ID numbers they thought were used for a registration had instead been used in company registrations without their knowledge.

Director-General of the DBD, Phongpan Jiarawiriyaphan, said that upon close investigation of the case her department has found that 101 out of 739 legal entity registered lottery vendors from Phitsanulok, had not submitted their financial statements.

She explained that since the failure to do so is illegal, officials have issued fines to those who registered in those legal entities. That’s how residents discovered their identities had been stolen.

Initially, the DBD advised the affected residents to file official complaints at the police station, in order for officials to seek out the scammers. Miss Phongphan also advised the local people to refrain from signing over or giving away their identification information to any party that does not possess substantial accreditation.