Crucial meeting scheduled next Tuesday after referendum


A brain-storming session will be held next Tuesday – two days after the referendum day – by the cabinet and the National Council for Peace and Order to discuss the steps to be taken after the outcome of the draft charter referendum this Sunday, said Deputy Prime Minister Wisanu Krea-ngarm on Thursday.


Whether the draft charter will pass the referendum or will be rejected, he maintained that the government proceed with the roadmap earlier announced. Even if the draft fails to go through the referendum, he said that there is no need to start the whole process of rewriting a new charter from scratch but one of the previous charters will be picked, dusted off and promulgated.

In case the draft sails through the referendum and the two accompanied questions are approved, Dr Wisanu explained that the interim charter would be amended and the amended charter would be sent to the Constitutional Court for interpretation.

But if the two questions failed the referendum and the draft was endorsed, the questions would be deleted but certain steps would have to be worked out, he said.

The deputy prime minister, however, urged all parties concerned not to be too worried with the new draft charter, noting that it can always be amended. Citing the US constitution, he said that although a new constitution has never been drafted, the US charter can be amended any time.