Crowd control measures in place for Yingluck’s supporters this Friday


BANGKOK – The Royal Thai Police is planning to invoke the 2015 Public Assembly Act and adopt the Korakot 52 plan to keep the supporters of former premier Yingluck Shinwatra under control this Friday.

Deputy Police Chief Sriwara Rangsipramanakul attended a meeting with police and security units nationwide to formulate safety measures ahead of August 25th when Yingluck’s supporters are expected to turn up at the Supreme Court to give their support to the former prime minister.

The Supreme Court is going to hand down a ruling over the rice-pledging case in which Yingluck is accused of dereliction of duty.

The Deputy Police Chief insisted that Yingluck’s supporters will be asked to stay inside a designated area of 1,500 square meters. Around 3,700 crowd control police and 4,000 traffic police will be deployed at the Supreme Court to maintain law and order.

Metal barriers will be set up around the court to prevent unauthorized personnel from entering the premises. Those coming to support Yingluck will have to go through security checkpoints for safety reasons.