Courts issue arrest warrants for suspects in Deep South attacks


YALA, 27 October 2014  Police are going after 100 suspects in the Deep South, who allegedly are said to have coordinated the attacks in the region.

Security remains tight in Yala province to keep the situation under control. According to the report, the courts in the restive South have issued arrest warrants for 100 suspects who have been accused by authorities of instigating violence in the region.

Police also believe the suspects have led their teams in carrying out attacks in various locations.

Among them are Mr. Roh Ki Dollah, who has allegedly been involved in an explosion and a gun attack in Yala, Mr. Sa-u-dee Sta Poh for planting a bomb in Yaha district, and Mr. Hu-Bai-Dee-Lah Roh-Mue-Lee for the gun attack on a bus serving the route between Betong and Hat Yai.