Court rules on removal of markets after woman attacked a truck


Bangkok – The Central Administrative Court has ruled in favor of Boonsri Saengyoktrakarn, who made headlines when she attacked a pickup truck out of frustration over the intrusion of an unauthorized market operating near her home.

The Central Administrative Court has ordered that all five markets surrounding Boonsri’s home in Bangkok be removed within 60 days and that the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) pay compensation for seven years of disturbance, from 2010 to February 2018, at a rate of 368,400 baht to each member of the Saengyoktrakan family.

Boonsri had filed her case against Bangkok Governor Pol Gen Assawin Kwanmuang, the director of Prawet district, the Prawet district office and the BMA, accusing them all of allowing the five markets to be established and to operate illegally.

The court acknowledged that the markets violated Seri Villa’s land usage permission, which is exclusively residential, as they constituted commercial establishments. It ordered that all construction permits for the markets be revoked and compensation be paid to the four members of Boonsri’s family. The payments have an annual interest rate of 7.5 percent per year starting from September 30 2013. Moreover, authorities are to evict any vendors setting up or engaging in business in the area within 30 days.

The Bangkok Governor voiced his agreement that the five markets be removed within 60 days but said he will appeal against the compensation payment ruling.

On probes into the actions of officials involved in the case, seven have been accused of minor disciplinary infractions and face punitive measures that include salary cuts. The seven include a former Prawet district office director and the area’s head of the environment.

Boonsri thanked the court for its mercy and justice and bid BMA officials see her case as an example for other areas. She said she will not yet remove various signs posted in front of her house lamenting the markets to allow other citizens to learn about the case.