Concerns raised on quality of drinking water dispensers in Bangkok


Bangkok – The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has advised the general public to consume drinking water from dispensers with a quality assurance sticker that ensures contamination-free water.

The Deputy Governor of Bangkok, Taweesak Lertprapan, said data from the inspection of drinking water dispensers in the capital showed that only 143 out of 6,329 vending machines had proper sales permit. Initial tests from simple contamination detection kits revealed that 4,731 out of 6,302 machines were not contaminated, with results pending for other samples.

He has said 90 percent of the samples are expected to pass the contamination test, while the general public should consume water from quality assured dispensers that have a BMA issued sticker on it along with a QR code that can be scanned to show a guide on how to look out for a good water vending machine.

Owners of unauthorized machines are requested to contact local district offices to properly obtain the permit. Failure to do so will result in up to six months imprisonment, or up to 50,000 baht fine, or both.


  1. Have been wondering about the water machines for some time. The taste (drinking tea ) from most machines is awful and for everyone’s sake they urgently require policing. The filters are probably expensive so are maybe rarely replaced.The dates they are cleaned should be registered and attached to the machines.having been signed by the relevant responsible person.


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