Consumable items get cheaper after Chinese New Year


BANGKOK, 8 March 2015 – Many consumer products in markets are now on sale at cheaper prices after the Chinese New Year festival, as observed by the Commerce Minister.

The Minister of Commerce, Gen Chatchai Sarikulya, today conducted a field observation for retails in the Wattananun Market in Don Mueang District, Bangkok along with officials from the Department of Internal Trade (DIT).

He said that the prices of most items have been reduced, while some items remain at the same price from the Chinese New Year festival, including pork, chicken, vegetables, fruits, and eggs, except for beef that has a higher price compared to other items due to lower levels of consumption.

In the observation today, most merchants have displayed prices for each item clearly, while some vendors used inaccurate weight scales and have been notified. Accurate weight scales are also available in the market for consumers to re-check their purchased items.

The Minister of Commerce also mentioned that the prices for cooked foods in Don Mueang District are still within the controlled standard of the Ministry, and the public can report overpriced foods or products to the Ministry for further inspection.

Meanwhile, the DIT will continue conducting observations to check the sales of fruit and vegetables as the country has entered the drought season, causing some strain on the amount of produce for some fruits and vegetables. In this observation however, seasonal fruits and vegetables are still available at normal prices.