Confiscated alcohol and tobacco to end up as pesticide


SAMUTSONGKRAM, 18 July 2014,  – The Samutsongkram Excise Department has handed over confiscated alcohol and cigarettes to local farmers in order that they can manufacture homemade pesticide.

After being biologically fermented for about a week, the solution from the mixture of the two ingredients–alcohol and tobacco– effectively repels various kinds of insects that regularly feed on their produce, locals farmers claim.

The formula stemming from local-wisdom has been slightly modified from the traditional fermented vinegar and tobacco mix used in earlier times.

Officials say the alcohol and the cigarettes given away to farmers had been seized during raids and used as evidence in closed court cases. It was deemed to be more useful to give it away to farmers to make pesticide, given that the cigarettes and the booze, would have to be destroyed anyway.