Computer database to help keep track of foreigners in Thailand


Bangkok – A computer database is being developed to help authorities keep track of foreigners during their stays in Thailand.

Defense Ministry spokesman Khongcheep Tantravanich said foreign tourists, investors and migrant workers are the core groups whom Thai security units intended to closely monitor with the help of the new database system.

This is part of the government’s internal security reform and measures to prevent and resolve transnational crimes and terrorism, he said.

Updates on the development of the database were acknowledged by Gen Prawit, Lt Gen Kongcheep said.

The Ministry of Digital Economy and Society is advising the team developing the database to ensure it will be linked to other systems containing information about foreigners to better keep tabs on them from when they enter Thailand until they leave the country.

While waiting for the new database to be completed, law enforcement officials have been assigned to step up crackdowns on foreigners staying illegally in Thailand.

The Interior Ministry, Tourism and Sports Ministry and Social Development and Human Security Ministry are being assigned to carry out a survey on where foreigners are staying and keep a record of them.