Complaint center reports few issues over past 3 days


Bangkok – The complaint center setup at the Prime Minister’s Office says complaints lodged over its 3 days in operation have mostly focused on lost valuables.

The center was opened at the Office of the Permanent Secretary to the Prime Minister to field complaints and reports during the New Year’s holiday period and began operation on December 29. The center is coordinating with branches in 3 other major spots for holiday travel; the Bangkok Bus Terminal, the Southern Bus Terminal and Hua Lumphong Train Station. It noted that so far complaints have mostly been concerning the loss of valuables such as wallets and travel tickets. It has coordinated with police on the cases.

At Bangkok Bus Terminal however, queries to the center have mostly been for directions with very few complaints. The only reports filed have been on vendors set up on sidewalks and lost tickets.

The center is to remain in operation until January 3.