Commerce Ministry to auction aged rice after legal procedures finish


BANGKOK, 5 Mar 2015,  According to the Ministry of Commerce, degenerate rice in government stock which is currently being investigated by the officials will be put in auction when the legal proceeding is over.

Director-General of the Department of Foreign Trade Duangporn Rodpaya explained that the investigation aimed at bringing the culprits involved in the sales of low-grade rice is expected to be over by August, after which the auction can be conducted.

She said that several companies, both local and foreign, have expressed their interests in the aged grains for use in various industries.

The Director-General stated the officials could not let go of the rice as it is being used as evidence in a legal case. Once the case is solved in the coming month, the rice would be available for auction.

Ms. Duangporn also assured that most of the rice in the existing government stockpiles are of good quality and have attracted continued interest from buyers.