Collision after running red light


At 5am on August 23rd while most of us are sleeping police rushed to an intersection on central road to check out a road traffic accident.

At the scene a blue Toyota pick up had been hit by a white 6-wheel garbage truck.

The garbage truck driver 56 year old Sompop Baiyai, said he was driving on third road crossing the intersection on a green light when all of a sudden the pick up cut in front of him and he didn’t have to take evasive action

The driver of the pick up 29 year old Samransak Sopanet had just finished work and in the pick up with him was his wife who is 8 months pregnant, luckily neither was injured.

The police surmised that the driver had either fallen asleep or was simply in too much of a hurry and thought that going through a red light was okay at that time of the morning.

Luckily no one was injured in this collision.

Collision after running red light