Colder weather forecast in upper Thailand


BANGKOK, 19 January 2015 -The Meteorological Department has said the temperature will drop 1-2 degree Celsius further in upper Thailand as the high pressure system from China is spreading across the region.

People in the North and North East are told to brace for strong winds during this time. The temperature could plunge to 5-7 degree Celsius on the mountain tops in these regions.

It will remain cold in the Central Plain and the East tomorrow as the temperature has been forecast to drop to as low as 15 degree Celsius in the morning. In Bangkok, the morning temperature range will be 18-21 degree Celsius.

The monsoon remains strong in the Gulf of Thailand and sea conditions are not ideal for fishing. Scattered showers are expected in Nakhon Sri Thammarat and provinces below.

The tropical storm Mekhala, which has already weakened into a tropical depression, is posing no threat to Thailand. Those traveling to the Philippines are advised to consult the weather forecast first.