Clothing designer turns installation artist for fresh inspiration


When things go rough and people run out of inspiration, there’s a need to change and find a new way for creativity.

Anurak Thangsomboon is a Thai designer who has recently become an artist of another kind. He stopped working temporarily as a fashion designer to work on an art project just to search for new inspiration and to represent himself through his new form of art.

Creativity came in the form of his ‘Farmer on the Sun’ exhibition created from inspiration to complete this project from the lifestyles of rice farmers.

Rice farming equipment was assembled on display as a new item. The highlight of the work was the ‘Red Tiger’. Anurak took red kitchen utensils and composed them as a group of small red motorbikes to represent strength, the strong power to attack, to fight, which he said demonstrated the power of his soul.

“This exhibition shows my life to the audience. Rice farmers repeat their duties on the same pattern. They do the same task on the same soil, same land, and live under the same sunlight. There’s no challenge. No matter how well they get their work done, people still look at them as rice farmers. It’s like lately when I designed clothes, I felt there was no challenge,” said Anurak.

Once he decided to step onto another path of artwork, a different way, he could feel that he was being challenged. He was excited by what he was doing. He said there was a point there that made him to learn something new, which helped him to be able to go back and make better clothes.

“‘Red Tiger’ is the symbol that says we can actually do it, fight against it. We crash against the wall. We have tried to crash against the wall for years. And once we’re able to step across the wall, we’ve become a ‘red tiger’. We can fight the outside world. We have the power, and ‘red’ just represents power,” Anurak continued.

Started his career by designing streetwear clothing. Anurak Thangsomboon has not stopped developing his skills and creativity, and finally he has become another kind of artist, an artist who has achieved his goal of representing himself through another form of art.