Clear night skies make ‘Supermoon’ a sight for watchers


BANGKOK, 20 March 2011 (NNT) -The clear night skies in several areas of Thailand enable the view of the ‘Supermoon’ phenomena in which the moon’s distance was closest to the earth in 19 years. Astronomers confirmed its non involvement with natural disasters. 

The usual distance between the earth and the moon was previously recorded at approximately 384,400 kilometers, However, The ‘Supermoon’ Phenomena had reduced that number to 356,577 kilometers in 19 years.

This had increased the visibility of the moon on an average by 14 percent.

Intrigued by the phenomena, Bangkokians are eager to witness the clearer visibility of the moon under clear skies.

Mr. Thiwa Phanmaisri, Head of the Meteorological Station in Lampang, revealed that the phenomena was a ‘blessing’ for the province. Within 13 districts of Lampang, clear skies provoke locals to come out and witness the sight of the full moon.

Mr. Sarun Posayachinda, Deputy Director of the National Observatory, states that the such phenomena is a natural occurrence called Perigee, in astronomical terms, and that the inconsistency of moon’s orbital path is natural.