Civilian volunteer busted for dealing drugs


After a lengthy undercover operation police stormed into a hotel on second road at 1am on August the 21 and arrested 36 year old Jamrat Imthong after purchasing 15 methamphetamine tablets from him.

Imthong is a Banglamung voluntary officer and was still wearing his uniform when he turned up on his motorbike which had no license plate for the transaction for the tablets valued at  3,800 baht.

He had been suspected dealing drugs for some time to local teenagers and tourists and had been closely watched by investigative officers.

Imthong said he got the drugs from another dealer on Soi Pottisarn and gave some lame excuse that he started dealing drugs in order to pay for his motorbike and had had problems with his girlfriend.

These problems will fall into insignificance once his he finds himself locked up for a period of time.

Instead of helping the public this man turned to dealing drugs.

Civilian volunteer busted for dealing drugs