Civil Volunteers or Petty Criminals?



Police and paramedics attended a motorbike accident on Thepprasit road near the City Youth Sports Center.


Two local teenagers were lying on the road and were in a great deal of pain.

They told police that they were traveling on their motorbike when 5 men who claimed they were Pattaya police civil volunteers followed them and demanded them to stop.

The real police assist the injured young menThe real police assist the injured young men

The teenagers thought they were going to be robbed by the gang they accelerated however they lost control of the bike and hit a concrete post.

The gang fled after this and the teenagers were taken to Banglamung hospital.

Witnesses said the gang were not wearing uniforms so it is no wonder the boys panicked.

Do off duty civil volunteers have the right to stop and search citizens? perhaps city hall should be aware of this behaviour and inform the public and indeed the volunteers of their rights

This is not the first case of men claiming to be civil volunteers when they in fact just common thugs, too lazy to do a day’s hard work and prefer to use their cunning to con, assault and terrify the citizens of Pattaya.


Civil Volunteers or petty criminals