City hall asks Bangkokians not to throw trash in canals


BANGKOK – The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has launched a campaign to raise anti-litter awareness among Bangkokians following recent heavy rainfall.

The Bangkok City Hall led by Deputy Governor of Bangkok Pattarut Tantaranon is now raising public awareness community by community, asking people not to throw rubbish in the waterways. He is pointing out that clogged drains are the problem behind the recent inundations in the capital. On Saturday, the campaign was launched in canal-side communities.

The deputy governor claimed that up to 20 tons of litter are found in canals and waterways on a daily basis throughout Bangkok, adding that flood drainage will be more effective should people be more responsible.

Earlier this week, 29 areas of Bangkok experienced flash flooding that was triggered by torrential rain, blocking many roads and causing traffic to come to a standstill.