Chon Buri has spaces for 7,000 more flood evacuees


BANGKOK, 28 October 2011 – Chon Buri Deputy Governor Patarathorn Tianchai said the Provincial Evacuation Center located in the Institute of Physical Education Chon Buri Campus is paying good attention to flood evacuees by holding two meetings daily, at 9 am and 7 pm, to discuss the evacuees’ problems.

According to Mr Patarathorn who also is director of the provincial evacuation center, the number of the flood victims residing in the center is 1,693 currently, comprising 450 at Building A or the gymnasium, 99 at Building B or the cafeteria, 301 at Building C or school building, 273 at Building D or Campus Building, 440 at Building E or Academic Resource Building and 130 at Building F or Old Academic Resource Building. Combined with 166 flood evacuees at Chon Buri Community Development Learning Center and 132 others at the Institute for Skill Development Division 3, the total number of the evacuees is 1,891.

Chon Buri province has so far provided 9 evacuation centers which can accommodate up to 9,437 flood victims. Until now only 1,891 flood victims have occupied the space, leaving vacancies for 7,546 more people. Moreover, charitable organizations have supported the relief efforts by installing giant-screen televisions free of charge and offering tour programs and recreational activities to help reduce their stress. Furthermore, every district chief has been ordered to look for more accommodations for evacuees as the province has set a goal to accommodate more than 100,000 flood victims.