Chinese tourist hurt by speedboat propeller still in critical condition


The 18-year-old Chinese tourist who was hit by a speedboat propeller on Thursday while swimming at Pileh Bay in Phi Phi Leh Island of Krabi province is still in critical condition after an operation which lasted several hours.


The Chinese victim, Le Yuheng, 18, is now at the intensive care unit of the Krabi hospital after the medical operation to save his life from serious cuts on the legs and right arm ended at 9 pm last night.

He is still in coma and his survival would be a miracle, according to information given by hospital director Suphot Phukaoluan to Thai Rath Online.

His brain didn’t respond, and blood pressure didn’t rise which indicated he is in critical condition.

He had bled so much from the serious cuts by the propeller.

Doctors are closely monitoring any improvement but there was little chance, the online news media reported.

Meanwhile Krabi police escorted the speedboat driver Narudol Tongdee, 20, to Krabi provincial for permission today to detain him for reckless driving.

Police said the driver switched on the engine to move backward as other tourists shouting the victim was swimming to the boat from the rear.

The driver claimed the boat anchor broke loose and was drifting to hit a nearby boat, so he started the engine to move it back to position.

A Chinese guide who brought this tour group to Phi Phi Leh Island to swim, Mr Yinchieng Sae Liew, said the victim is among the tour group of 34 Chineses, including children, from Phuket to Phi Phi Island.

He said as many tourists jumped into the sea, a shout was heard that a tourist was stuck underneath the boat

The shout caused the driver to start the engine, thus hurting him.