Chinese gunshop robbers sentenced to 34-35 years in prison


The Criminal Court has sentenced four Chinese robbers who robbed a gunshop at Wang Burapha with BB guns to 34-35 years in prison after finding them guilty of five charges.


Gang leader Sun Junwei gets 35 years and four months in jail, and a 3,000 baht fine, and three other accomplices Li Kunpeng, Ma Geng, and Jeng Yang receive 34 years and eight months in prison, and a fine of 3,000 baht each.

The four were charged for the attempt robbery of guns from Interarm gunshop with knives and BB guns on March 3 this year.

Five Chinese were involved in the attempted robbery, but one was shot dead by police.

In the hearing at the Criminal Court, they were charged with the robbery of 3.8 million baht worth of shotgun, pistols, revolvers and a Toyota Fortuner van belonging to the gunshop owner Pakorn Daenglamai and escaped.

But they were intercepted on escape by patrol policemen and one was shot dead aiming his BB gun towards the police during the chase.

They faced charges of attempted murder, using forged official document, body assault, using radio transmitter without permits, and resisting arrest.

All were later sen back to Bangkok Remand Prison to serve their jail terms.