Chiang Mai reports 2 more Zika cases


Chiang Mai province has reported the discovery of 2 new cases of Zika virus infection in San Sai district, bringing the province’s total number of infections to 9 people, and prompting the local health office to declare Mae Jo University a controlled area.


Chiang Mai’s provincial public health office has indicated that among 2 new cases of Zika virus infection is a freshman student of Mae Jo University who became ill on August 27 and was diagnosed with the virus on September 1. The student, who resides in the university’s dormitory, has prompted the office to declare the institution a controlled zone.

The office has commenced with anti-mosquito sprays and the eradication of mosquito breeding grounds to quell the spread of the disease. Among the now 9 total infections in the province, one was a pregnant woman.

The discoveries follow research by the UK’s Lancaster University indicating that up to one third of the world’s population lives in areas at risk of Zika proliferation, which include most of Asia.