Chiang Mai Night Safari steps up COVID-19 prevention measures


CHIANG MAI – Chiang Mai Night Safari is implementing measures to prevent a COVID-19 risk, by screening its staff and visitors, and cancelling any activities where visitors can directly touch the animals.

Chiang Mai Night Safari has implemented enhanced surveillance and infection prevention measures against COVID-19 by continuously screening its staff and all visitors.

A health screening station has been set up, staffed by Nakornping Hospital. Staff members now spray disinfectants in public spaces before the opening and after the closing of the zoo each day, with extra wiping-down with alcohol on common surfaces such as the audience seats for the tiger show and night predators’ performances.

Alcohol hand sanitizers are available in more locations, as well as informational signs and announcements on how visitors can minimize the risks of infection. All activities where visitors can be in physical contact with animals, such as photo sessions with small animals, horse riding, and feeding, are temporarily cancelled.

The zoo is now receiving many fewer visitors from China, but remains a tourism attraction for visitors from all around the world.

For the safety of all people, Chiang Mai Night Safari is also asking visitors to wear surgical masks during their visit at this time.