Chiang Mai launches campaign to reduce haze pollution


CHIANG MAI, 8 March 2012  – Minister to the Prime Minister’s Office Worawat Auapinyakul has joined hands with Chiang Mai Governor M.L. Panadda Diskul in a walk rally campaign, which aims to eradicate forest burning within one week.

At the Tha Pae Gate Plaza in Chiang Mai province, Mr. Worawat, M.L. Panadda, government officials, students, village health volunteers and thousands of local residents yesterday voluntarily participated in a walk rally activity under the No Burn campaign, of which the objective is to resolve the haze situation in the Northern provinces. The campaign is part of the urgent short-term solutions to the haze problem as well as a measure to revive victims of the haze pollution in the Northern region of Thailand.

Accoding to Mr.Worawat, all relevant parties have been called in for a meeting to implement a speedy solution to stop all forest burning activities within one week. The No Burn campaign will be promoted throughout the ์orthern provinces and will end in Chiang Rai on March 10. The campaign aims to transform the 8 Northern provinces into a No Burn zone to prevent the current haze pollution from worsening and recurring. At the same time, he has also instructed all provincial authorities to strictly enforce the law and report all progress to the Prime Minister on a daily basis. Additionally, satellite surveillance will also be carried out twice a day to monitor the haze situation.