Chiang Mai holds 2 sports events


CHIANG MAI, 23 Feb 2015,  The Municipality of Choengdoi Subdistrict in Doisaked District of Chiang Mai Province yesterday held two sports events, promoting exercise and unity as well as maintaining good health among the locals. 

The first event was the 17th annual Choengdoi Games, and the latter was the newly introduced games for the elderly, dubbed ‘Charaban Games’. The two games were held at Baan-mae-dok-dang High School in Doisaked District.

The event also featured a beautiful parade conveying sense of humor and creative activities to promote sports.

Competitions in the games included universal and local sports, said the organizers.

According to the municipality, the events were aimed at forging unity, not at winning, promoting exercise, and instilling the values of sportsmanship in the locals, as well as preventing them from turning to drugs.