Chiang Mai Airport adjusts flight schedules to avoid floating lanterns


CHIANG MAI – A total of 135 flights both to and from Chiang Mai province have either been cancelled or rescheduled from November 24 – 26, in order to avoid floating lanterns which will be released during the Loy Krathong Festival.

The Chiang Mai provincial administrative organization had earlier announced a ban on floating lanterns in Mueang, Hang Dong, San Sai, Mae Rim and Sarapee districts. The ban has been temporarily lifted to boost tourism on November 25, Loy Krathong Day, and December 31, New Year’s Eve.

Floating lanterns are allowed in other districts under the condition that residents inform the Chiang Mai Air Traffic Control Centre and the Chiang Mai Airport at least seven days in advance.

So far, there have been 84 flights canceled between November 24 – 26, of which 72 were domestic flights.

Another 51 flights have rescheduled their arriving time. Travellers are strongly advised to consult their airlines to confirm the exact timetable.