Checkpoints set up in Rayong to prevent sale of unripe durians


Rayong – Rayong authorities have set up checkpoints to prevent vendors and farmers from selling unripe durians to consumers, as durian prices continue to rise.

Klaeng District Chief Wittaya Chapanont and a group of village heads, soldiers, police officers and local agriculture officials set up three checkpoints in Klaeng district in an attempt to stop unripe durians from being delivered to consumer markets.

The need for 24-hour checkpoints was due in part to the growing demand for the fruit. Vendors and farmers could be taking advantage of the rising prices by selling unripe durians to consumers in the hope of making fast money.

The three checkpoints in Klaeng district were set up on roads reportedly used by dodgy vendors. However, no unripe durians have so far been found at these checkpoints. The inspection will continue for one week.