Chanthaburi seeks food donations for wild elephants


CHANTHABURI, 15 March 2015 – Buddhist monks, the municipal organization and territorial defense officials have jointly set up a food donation campaign aimed at helping wild elephants affected by the prolonged drought. 

The program has drawn a huge response from local people who have so far donated more than 20 tons of fruit and more than 180,000 baht. Over 200 wild elephants are reportedly in need of food as the ongoing dry season has damaged their food and water sources, forcing them to move to human residential and farming areas to search for food.

The Chanthaburi organizers hope that the project will prevent or lessen the necessity for wild elephants to intrude on local people’s properties, which sometimes leads to elephants damaging local food gardens. The donation centers are located in two districts namely Kanghangmaew and Khao Khitchakut which are home to the wild elephants.

The money that has been donated will be handed over to the elephant caretakers of both districts who will spend the cash on buying food for the animals.