Chalood Nimsamer: A Reflection of Self in Art Pieces


At the age of 84, prolific artist Chalood Nimsamer has yet to put down his brushes.

The national artist still devotes a majority of his time creating remarkable art pieces, pieces which depict village life through recurring iconic paintings of a young female villager – with her eyes shut. After years of work and teaching, Chalood still humbly regards himself as an artist from the far hinterland.

Named as a National Artist in Sculpture in 1998, Chalood’s broad range of talents is reflected in all genres of work. His latest exhibition “Chalood’s Mural Painting and Retropective” is on display at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BAAC).

Celebrated artworks include the “Dharma Silpa” collection, comprising various paintings influenced and inspired by Buddhist teachings, particularly experienced when one’s mind is at ease and free from all worldly desires. This collection was painted between 1987-1996, and conveys Buddhist teachings as a tool to illustrate that his mindset was inevitably nurtured by Dharma.

Throughout the exhibition, Chalood displays popular art pieces created through decades of hard-work and dedication. Renowned pieces such as the “Visual Poetry” (1982-1983), “Daughters” (1985), as well as “Rome Drawings and Abstract Prints” are also on display. Some are in the form of canvas displays; others provide a hands-on effect for audiences, with 3-D pieces of art gracefully looming out of walls and shelves.

Works motivated from other life-long experiences are also exhibited, particularly with the theme of village life and Buddhism. Inscribed beneath all his work is a philosophy stressing that material desires are impermanent, as time progresses.

“To me, women are humans… they are full of life. I believe that I possess some feminine characteristics; I enjoy painting and portraying the gentleness of females. For me, drawing female characters are just the beginning, paving way for me to further express other messages,” Chalood said.

To relish the life-long experiences of this National Artist, those interested can visit the Bangkok Art and Culture Center though Aug 18 to appreciate countless art works full of meaning, yet carefully conveyed through simplistic forms with a tint of Buddhism expressed through soft colour and tone that is guaranteed to please the eye.