Chalerm warns again against the “third hand”


BANGKOK, Nov 23 – Deputy Prime Minister Chalerm Yubumrung today repeated his earlier warning on a ‘third party’ infiltration in tomorrow’s massive rally by the anti-government Pitak Siam group in the heart of Thailand’s capital. 

A police intelligence report reconfirmed a third party element which aims at instigate violence during the political rally, he said, adding that the declared enforcement of the Internal Security Act (ISA) was in response to a request by the authorities in charge of maintaining peace and public order during the demonstration.

Pitak Siam leader Gen Boonlert Kaewprasit, meanwhile, reassured that the rally will be peaceful without the use of arms or intrusions into nearby Parliament and Government House.

“We will tell the public about the government’s failure in its administration and widespread corruption,” he said, claiming that a large number of Thai people could no longer tolerate the present administration.

Pol Capt Chalerm assured that the ISA implementation will be immediately called off as demonstrators disperse while police will definitely refrain from exercising force and harsh measures in dealing with the rally.

“They have been reports that hard core protestors will arrest the prime minister, myself and seize Government House, and create violence before sneaking into hiding at nearby Sanam Suapa, Wat Benjamabopitr and important government buildings,” the deputy premier said.

He insisted that the government was not overly panicky in invoking the ISA and the international community understands the action which is in accord with universal standards.

Meanwhile, representatives of the independent Anti-Corruption Network and the Green Group submitted letters to the Office of the Ombudsman, calling for the Constitution Court to strip all cabinet members of their posts for unlawfully invoking the ICA despite the fact that the Pitak Siam’s rally hasn’t started.