Chalerm declined to say if Thaksin had helped release two Thais in Camdodia


BANGKOK, 14 September 2011 -Deputy Prime Minister Pol Capt. Chalerm Yubamrung refused to say whether ex-premier Thaksin Shinawatra was behind the attempt to release the two Thais in Cambodian prison or not while saying that the legal charges against Mr. Thaksin were not qualified for criminal extradition.

According to Pol Capt. Chalerm, it would be considered a present from Cambodia to release Mr. Veera Somkwamid and Ms. Ratree Pipattanapaiboon when Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra visited the country. However, it is not known that whether the two will return to Thailand with the Prime Minister or not.

Regarding Mr.Thaksin, the Deputy Prime Minister expressed no opinion on the speculation that Mr. Thaksin could have been securing the release of the two remaining Thais in Cambodia. He simply added that every one already knew.

The Deputy Prime Minister further stated that since Mr. Thaksin could not be extradited from Cambodia and not even the Foreign Minister could enforce the Thai law in Cambodia to bring Mr. Thaksin back to justice, citing that the law in one nation could not be enforced elsewhere. Therefore, the Foreign Minister can not break Section 157 of the Constitution regarding criminal extradition as claimed by the Democrat Party.