‘Chadchart’ opposes PDRC plan to lay siege to Bangkok


BANGKOK, 2 Jan 2014 Transport Minister Chadchart Sittipunt has expressed his strong opposition to the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) leader Suthep Theugsuban’s plan to lay siege to Bangkok in order to demand the interim government to step down and to nullify the February 2nd general elections. 

Mr. Chadchart said that the seizure would paralyze the transportation in Bangkok, inevitably affecting 13 million residents in the capital and satellite provinces, including 3.5 million business operators and employees and 1.8 million students.

He continued that those who do not travel much or reside near the BTS sky train or the MRT subway would not feel the pinch from the seizure, but unfortunately, the majority of the residents in Bangkok and its vicinity heavily rely on public transportation.

He also said that the PDRC’s suggestion of leaving the city temporarily during the seizure is simply impractical and against Section 34 of the 2007 Constitution on the people’s right to travel.