Chadchart assesses damage to land logistics caused by rubber demonstration


BANGKOK, 29 Oct 2013, Transport Minister Chadchart Sittipunt on Monday instructed related officials to quickly assess the damage on land transportation, caused by the roadblock on Petchakasem road by the renewed rubber and oil palm demonstration. 

According to him, the roadblock in Prachubkirikhan Province will cause deliveries of electronic components from Malaysia to Thailand to grind to a halt, affecting the nation’s electronic appliance production output and labor employment in various industries. If the demonstration drags on, the prices of imported electronic parts from Malaysia will definitely rise, given importers, being uncertain whether their orders will be delivered on time, will likely cut back on their orders; depleting supplies on hand, causing shortage and driving up prices at the same time.

In a bid to minimize damage caused by the rubber farmers gathering, he has instructed relevant agencies to closely monitor the situation while formulating measures to prevent roadblock spreading to other routes and railway lines, Authorities are assessing the damage caused by the rally, the Minister said.