CDC undecided about the electoral body’s term


The Constitution Drafting Commission (CDC) is undecided about the term of the Election Commission (EC), admitting that a new electoral body could be appointed after the enforcement of organic acts.


In response to a proposal of the EC, which requested that the new constitution allow the electoral body to continue working until the end of its term, spokesperson of the CDC Udom Rathamarit said CDC members will discuss the EC’s qualifications and the requirements stated in the draft charter.

The spokesperson however acknowledged that it is likely that the current EC will be dissolved once organic laws are enacted.

The current EC, which was formed under the 2007 constitution, will only be in office for 3 more years whereas the two additional election commissioners, who will be appointed under the new constitution, will be in office for up to 7 years.  Therefore, Udom said, allowing current members of the EC to stay until the end of their original terms would be in violation of the new charter which mandates that all election commissioners must have equal terms in office.

He added it is possible to have the incumbent commissioners end their duties early and re-appoint them under the new charter.

The spokesperson said however the matter has yet to be decided.