CDC still thinks non-MP can be considered as PM


BANGKOK, 18 June 2015 – The Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC) says it still backs the provision allowing for a non-MP Prime Minister, if he or she receives two-thirds of the vote in Parliament.

CDC Chairman Borwonsak Uwanno says the CDC will begin the process of reviewing suggestions from the National Reform Council and the Cabinet in revising the new constitution starting June 24.

He said the majority of the CDC are still of the opinion that a non-MP can be nominated to the office of Prime Minister. However, he or she must obtain two-thirds of the vote from Parliament.

Regarding the powers of the Prime Minister, the CDC will review Sections 181 and 182 and will most likely omit provisions that would lead to controversy.

The two sections give the Prime Minister the power to call for a confidence vote from Parliament to reaffirm his or her legitimacy, as well the power to issue executive orders on matters of national interest.