CDC deputy chair: Public Referendum for new charter to be decided by government


BANGKOK, 20 March 2015 – A deputy chairman of the Constitution Drafting Committee states that whether or not a public referendum for the draft charter will be conducted is up to the government.

According to CDC deputy chairwoman Nareewan Chintakanond, the charter drafters have always recognized the importance of public voices and opinions because the committee has intended to draft the new Constitution that the people understand and can enjoy their rights to liberty.

Mrs. Nareewan said that the new charter will be truly beneficial for the country and the public while promoting reconciliation and peace.

She added that while the CDC is still reviewing each article of the draft Constitution and some of them are yet to be concluded, the process will be finalized by the end of the month before the draft is shared with Thais across the country.

Concerning the public referendum, Mrs. Nareewan said that the decision to conduct the process is entirely within the power of the government, adding that this stage will take three to six months before an election can really take place.