CDC Chairman: Next election will take place by 2016


BANGKOK, 24 March 2015 – The Chairman of the Constitution Drafting Committee has assured that Thai people will go to polling booths before the end of 2016.

CDC Chairman Borwornsak Uwanno told the meeting of charter drafters that his trip to Germany during March 15 and 20 has allowed him an opportunity not only to get first-hand information on the German-style election system but also to discuss the business of the Constitutional Court.

Mr. Borwornsak said that he has also acquired some information about the party-list proportional representation and the administration of the election.

He has also learnt that, in Germany, any protest to the election result needs to go through the House of Representatives, which will set up a committee to review the petition while the petitioner can also opt to go to the Constitutional Court for help.

According to the CDC Chairman, Germany has had problems with electronic ballots due to the failure to keep tracks of the votes cast.

In any case, he is confident that Thailand will see a new election no later than 2016.