Car towing scheme to be applied in 30 additional routes on November 1


BANGKOK, 30 Oct 2013 – The police have announced they will expand the car towing scheme for vehicles parked at no-parking areas to cover 30 additional routes on November 1. 

Royal Thai Police Assistant Commissioner, Police Lieutenant General Ruengsak Charit-aek, revealed that over the past week a total of 67 cars were towed away from no-parking areas in Bangkok. He said that traffic on the 10 pilot roads improved, and so the police will add another 30 routes under the scheme, starting on November 1.

According to Pol. Lt. Gen. Ruengsak, most people responded favorably to the car towing scheme, where policemen tow away illegally parked vehicles instead of applying wheel locks to the cars and letting them remain at the spot where they continue to impede traffic. So far police have encountered no problems, and none of the towed cars have been left unclaimed at the police stations. Owners were able to claim their cars within 30 minutes, and no complaints have been received about damage to the cars that were towed.