Car care centers see spike in business as Songkran winds down


BANGKOK, 17 April 2013 – Car care centers are seeing a spike in business with car owners flooding into carwashes to prepare their rides for the resumption of work days, after their Songkran vacation. 

At a car care center in Ram Inthra of Bangkok, the number of clients rose from the normal 30 to 70 cars per day. Most of the vehicle owners were having their cars cleansed of water marks, powder stains and color spots that made their marks on the cars during the Songkran festival.

At a car wash in Amnatcharoen province, 40-50 cars received service in just one day, whereas it usually washes only 10 cars per day; revenue has thus tripled. The car wash owner expects the income boost to prevail until April 23, and said the business is now looking for more workers to accommodate demand.

Stains from talcum powder are hard to remove if left on vehicles for too long; this fact made car owners decide to give their cars a wash as early as practical.