CAPO: Sam Sen rally could prolong


BANGKOK, 1 November 2013 The Center for Administration of Peace and Order (CAPO) announced on Thursday it expected the anti-amnesty bill demonstration at Sam Sen train station in Bangkok to develop over two phases. 

According to the CAPO, the first phase of the demonstration, aimed at pressuring the votes on the bill carried out in the House of Representatives, will last until Saturday (November 2). In the following phase, the demonstrators are expected to ponder the result of the vote, before laying down further objectives for the demonstration. The CAPO noted the demonstration could be prolonged, and also expressed concerns over possible attempts by ill-intentioned groups to escalate the situation.

Also on Thursday, Royal Thai Police Commissioner Adul Saengsingkaew disclosed that the Metropolitan Police had readied 46 companies of officers to supervise the ongoing demonstrations. Security would be emphasized in areas where the internal security law was in effect, and traffic facilitation would be emphasized in other areas of the capital city.