CAPO pleads for public not to join illegal activities currently underway


BANGKOK, 30 November 2013 The Center for Administration of Peace and Order (CAPO) pleaded for the public not to join the illegal activities being undertaken by the protesters led by Suthep Thueksuban in Bangkok. 

The televised public address was jointly made by Deputy Prime Minister Pracha Promnok, Royal Thai Police Commissioner Adul Saengsingkaew, and Interior Minister Charupong Ruangsuwan.

In the address, Police General Pracha noted that the current administration was elected under the democratic framework and in accordance with the Constitution. It was a government elected by the people, in line with the globally accepted practice. Pol. Gen. Pracha asked people not to become a tool in the power hunt by individuals within Suthep Thueksuban’s group who have already inflicted great damage to the country.

The deputy prime minister noted that unarmed policemen have been told to use a ‘soft stance’ in keeping peace and order at state offices. State offices function in serving the public and driving the country’s development. In maintaining law and order, actions will be taken in accord with the globally-accepted standard.

Pol. Gen. Pracha remarked that although the protesters had the right to express themselves, they must not infringe upon others’ rights or destroy property belonging to the public.

During the televised address, Interior Minister Charupong said he would like every provincial governor and officials of the Ministry of Interior to help create understanding among the public and civil servants under their jurisdiction, for the latter to refrain from collaborating with the unrest instigators. He asked people to not carry out illegal activities encouraged by the protest leaders, who themselves have admitted that illegal acts must be committed in order to gain victory over the government.

Police General Adul, in his capacity as director of CAPO, asked people to rethink the illegal occupation of state offices. He would also like to make it clear that the police will avoid clashes and the use of force. However, if necessary, the police will proceed in accordance with the law to prevent demonstrators from entering various premises.