Campers urged to take precautions against bug bites


Uthai Thani – As camping is becoming a popular activity in winter, health officials are warning lovers of the outdoors to beware of insect bites, which can bring about serious illnesses.

As winter has officially begun in Thailand, Dr Manoon Sukonsakul, head of the Uthai Thani Provincial Office of Public Health, has advised anyone planning to go camping to protect themselves from being bitten by dangerous insects, especially anopheles mosquitoes which are known as the carrier of malaria, and chiggers which can cause scrub typhus.

As precautionary measures, the official recommended campers set up their tents in open areas, avoid lounging on grass and wear body covering outfits. Within two weeks after each trip, any camper with insect bites should look out for symptoms such as fever, headaches and shivering and should not hesitate to seek medical attention.