Campaign for children’s safety-zone in far South


YALA, Oct 15 – A group of peace advocates have launched a campaign in Yala municipality urging the Thai authorities to designate a safety and constructive zone for children suffering from the long-running insurgency in the region.

The peace activists, led by Gothom Arya, a lecturer at Mahidol University’s Institute of Human Rights and Peace Studies, marched along the street in Yala municipality handing out pamphlets calling for the safety zone for children. They reasoned that the continuing violence which began eight years ago has traumatised both people and youngsters physically and mentally.

School arsons in particular took a heavy toll on the education of young people and their normal life, the group said.  Some families lost their breadwinners with many children becoming orphans. Children are forced to go home early for fear of their safety.

With safety zones designated, children would be able to join constructive activities and share ideas that would boost their inner strength and their learning, according to the campaigners.

The peace activists said they believed the campaign will lead to a society filled with trust and care and that will eventually help restore peace in the region.