Cambodian passport delivery fraud


BANGKOK – Cambodian workers residing in Thailand have been warned on the act of passport delivery fraud, carried out by third parties who charge passport issuance at a much higher rate.

The Office of Foreign Workers Administration is warning Cambodian workers and their employers in Thailand to be aware of the fraudulent activity from persons claiming to be officials from the Cambodian Embassy in Thailand. These people will request passport delivery fees to the verified Cambodian workers.

It is reported these persons charge as much as 3,000 – 4,000 baht per passport delivery per person, including a 1,000 baht deposit payable at the day of passport request. These people, claiming to be third parties, even charge an additional 3,000 baht payment on the passport receiving date. The rates have been confirmed by Cambodian authorities that they are much higher than the official fees collected.

Cambodian workers and their employers should not believe such claims and are advised against making any payments to these criminals.

The Office of Foreign Workers Administration will be informing the passport delivery date to Cambodian workers, once the office has received the workers’ passports from Cambodian officials.