Cable TV operators could face 5 mil baht fine for excessive ad time


BANGKOK -Digital TV operators could face a fine of up to 5 million baht if they allow commercial air time to run longer than 6 minutes in a rerun.

According to National Broadcasting Telecommunication Commission Secretary- General Thakorn Tantasit, cable, satellite and digital TV operators are only allowed 6 minutes of commercial airtime within each hour of any show they are planning to replay. 

Under Section 28 of the Broadcasting and Telecommunications Services 2008, operator’s average advertising airtime must also not exceed 5 minutes an hour throughout the day.

It will be considered a violation of consumer rights if the airtime is longer than the 6-minute limit. Operators will be forced to pay a fine up to 100,000 baht a day during the period of violation. Viewers are urged to report violations to the NBTC by calling 1200, its consumer hotline.