Cable thief arrested red handed



On July 12 police detained 29 year old Boonmee Tuaksantia from Nakon Rajasima after he had sneaked in a deserted two storey apartment near the Krung Thai bank on Sukhumvit road with monkey business in mind.


The apartment owner 50 year old Mrs. Supiaya Salamtia said while she was watching TV in her house which was situated right next to her apartment when the electricity went out, she went up to trace the problem and found the thief in one of the rooms busy pealing the rubber shield off the cable to obtain the lead inside.

Police examine the lead, which will be used in evidence against the thief.Police examine the lead, which will be used in evidence against the thief.

He was captured with a plastic bag containing lead cables weighing about 1 kilogram, and a number of cutting tools. He confessed that he broke into the building to steal the cables which he would sell on.

The criminal said he used to work at an entertainment venue in walking street but was arrested after he had been caught dealing illegal drugs. He came out of the jail and took the wrong path, this time as a cable thief.

He said he wanted the money to buy a bus ticket back to Nakon Rajasima, however instead of going home he was transferred to the police station for processing.