Cabinet OKs production of electric cars in Thailand


The cabinet on Tuesday gave a green light for the production of Thailand’s first battery electric vehicles or electric cars.


Prime Minister’s Office vice minister Kobsak Phutrakul said that three types of BEVs were promoted for production namely electric cars, mini electric cars and electric buses.

He added that the cabinet also instructed Bangkok Mass Transit Authority to accelerate the acquisition of a fleet of 200 electric buses and to set the standard of electric cars as well as the safety standard of recharging stations for BEVs.

Kobsak disclosed that out of a total of 89 million cars in the world in 2014, 1.1 million of them are BEVs and their numbers are rising steadily with 53 percent increase in 2014 alone.

He stressed the need for Thailand to brace itself for the change for the future.

The Board of Investment, the Finance and Industry ministries will jointly set the terms and conditions for the promotion of domestic production BEVs as well as tax incentives for the import of fully-assembled BEVs.

Companies which are interested to seek promotional privileges for the production of BEVs are advised to submit plans which should cover their investment aspect, battery production, engines and electricity controlling system.

Also, the Land Transport Department was told to revise its announcement about the electricity power used to drive the electric cars which was set at 15 kilowatts.

While promoting production of BEVs, the government will continue to promote cars with internal combustion engines particular eco cars and one-tonne pickup trucks which are labelled as product champion of Thai automobile industry.