Cabinet informed of the progress on elevated dam constructions in Chao Phraya and Nan rivers


BANGKOK, 5 September 2012 – The Cabinet has acknowledged some progress on the construction of elevated dams in the Chao Phraya and the Nan rivers. 

Deputy Government Spokesperson Pakdehan Himathongkham said that the weekly Cabinet meeting, on Tuesday, was informed of the progress in the construction of elevated dams in the Chao Phraya River and the Nan River.

The project is under the supervision of the Marine Department.

Mr. Pakdehan said that the Bureau of the Budget has recently allocated 239 million baht from the 2012-2014 fiscal budget to be used in the exploration, design and study of environmental impact of the planned constructions.

He added that the Marine Department is selecting the adviser to be in charge of these works before the Term of Reference (ToR) is drafted.

The Deputy Government Spokesperson stated that the project has already been presented to the Strategic Committee for Water Resource Management (SCWRM).