Cabinet considering security and farming matters today


BANGKOK, 14 October 2014  Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha will attend a cabinet meeting today to acknowledge the progress of the agricultural zoning for rice farming and other important matters such as one related to southern security.

According to the report, Deputy Prime Minister for Security General Prawit Wongsuwan is expected to propose to the cabinet the appointment of former Secretary General of the National Security Council Thawil Pliensri as head of the advisory team on security for the Deep South.

Meanwhile, Interior Minister General Anupong Paojinda will be presenting a report on agricultural zoning to the Prime Minister. His report will be focused on the suitability of farmlands for rice growing both within and beyond the reach of the irrigation system.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives is also planning to propose a budget of 2 billion baht to be spent on the dredging of more waterways.