Cabinet approves Kanchong as cash crop


BANGKOK – The Cabinet gave the greenlight for kanchong cultivation to make the type of hemp a cash crop.

The Cabinet approved the draft ministerial regulation, which allows producing, selling and possessing kanchong to promote the use of this narcotic plant for medical purposes, said Trisulee Trisaranakul, a deputy government spokeswoman.

Its leaves have medicinal properties to treat migraine and to produce more blood cells. Hemp fibre can also be used to make paper and textile and the stalks can be made into furniture.

Turning hemp or cannabis sativa into a cash crop will help create income for farmer. Researches showed the hemp plant can be developed as herbal products, she said.

Both natural and juristic persons can ask for permission from authorities to grow, produce, possess, sell or export kanchong within five years after the regulation is put into effect, the deputy spokeswoman said.

Households can also seek permission to grow kanchong on the condition that they grow only the permitted species of the hemp plant on the plot of land, less than one rai or 2.5 acres for each household.